Old Farms Road Bridge

Town of Avon – The Old Farms Road Bridge is a 200 foot span structure over the Farmington River.

Shore Road Bridge

Town of Greenwich – The Shore Road bridge, is an historic arch on the main access for hauling boats to shore area marinas. Rather than remove this unique stone arch, it was brought back to life with an aluminum insert a new concrete structural top to increase load capacity and the roadway was widened to […]

Farmington Avenue Bridge

Town of Berlin – Farmington Avenue bridge over the Sebethe River is a precast Tee (NEXT) Beam superstructure founded on steel H Piles. The bridge parapets were detailed with brick work to honor the long history of brick making in the Town of Berlin. Town of

Hickok Road Bridge

Town of New Canaan – WMC has designed and over seen construction of several bridges for New Canaan, two funded under the DOT Federal Local Bridge Program. This bridge on Hickok Road over the Silvermine River is located in a sensitive residential area and utilized a precast concrete arch and stonework facades and formliner to […]

Main Street Bridge

Town of North Stonington – WMC designed and oversaw construction of the replacement of the Main Street Bridge which had washed out in a tropical storm. The old bridge was historic and WMC was able to salvage most of the stone from the old bridge and they were cut and re-installed on the fascia of […]

Stillwell Road Bridge

Town of Plainville – WMC designed and oversaw construction of the replacement of the Stillwell Road Bridge. The project features precast concrete box culverts with form liner fascias. The boxes are set at a high skew angle allowing the relocation of the stream back to its original location. The project was in an environmentally sensitive […]

Water Street Bridge

Town of Salisbury – WMC inspected, designed and oversaw construction of four bridges under ConnDOT Grant Programs. This bridge carries Water Street over the upper reaches of the Housatonic River and closely replicates the original historic Berlin Iron Truss that was beyond repair. The truss bridge is also the main crossing for the well-traveled Appalachian […]

Romford Road Bridge

Town of Washington – The Romford Road Bridge is one of several bridges designed and constructed for the Town. This bridge, which crosses the scenic Shepaug River, utilized a long spanned prestressed concrete box beam superstructure to eliminate the mid-stream pier and is founded on drilled concrete shafts.

Musket Ridge Road Bridge

Town of New Fairfield – WMC performed the survey, design and construction administration of the Musket Ridge Road Bridge for the Town. The project involved staged construction as the road offers the only access to the Musket Ridge neighborhood. The bridge is twin box culverts with stacked stone form liner wingwalls and parapets.

Dumpling Pond Bridge

Town of Greenwich – WMC has designed and overseen construction of over ten bridges for the Town including this pedestrian bridge adjacent to the historic stone arch bridge. The bridge spans Dumpling Pond (Mianus River), which according to local legend was so named after British troops stormed the home of the local miller and demanded […]